Intro to Docker on AWS

taught by Jim Hankins

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Jim Hankins
Jim Hankins
Founder - Cloud Bedrock, LLC


Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jim Hankins and I'll be your instructor for this course.

I've been in the IT industry for over 24 years. During that time I've held numerous roles, from systems engineering, to consulting systems architect roles, to operations management. I've held lead engineering roles behind extremely large and complex projects for companies at the top of the Fortune 50 list. I have 15 years of experience in enterprise IT infrastructure with large global companies.

Since 2013, I have been an independent consultant specializing in cloud technologies, with special focus in the emergency communications space.

I currently hold all 5 of the Amazon Web Services professional certifications, and was one of the first few people to do so back in early 2016. I've deployed and managed multiple production greenfield AWS deployments for the purpose of supporting mobile backends, as well as led the migrations of enterprise applications, from private data centers to AWS.

As an early adopter of cloud technologies, I've seen the industry go from just a tool for startups, through explosive growth, and we're now at the point that there is hardly an industry that is not using cloud technology as part of, if not as the complete underpinning of, their business. Incredible!

I aim to leverage my experience and lessons learned to help give you an edge in your learning on the vast and exciting world of cloud computing!